All about us

With over 18 years’ experience, our staff can handle a huge range of issues on your behalf, from payroll to appointing us to act as your company accountant you can ensure that you are free of the majority of administrative task that are time consuming.

We understand that all everyone has different requirements, and we tailor our accounting services to the individual needs of you or your business.

What we offer:

For our weekly fee of from £25.50 + VAT we will perform the following services:
• Set-up a company with companies house
• Provide assistance if required with the set-up of your company bank account
• Provide the registered office address for your company
• Employ an associate to act as your company secretary if required
• Complete and submit form CT14G to HMRC
• Set-up your company PAYE Scheme
• Register your company for VAT when the appropriate level of turnover has been reached
• Upon your request, we will generate invoices and forward them to your clients
• Run payroll and provide pay advice
• Produce remittance advice for your income
• Notify companies house of appointment/resignation or change of particulars
• Produce VAT payment advice
• Provide Mortgage and letting references
• Produce PAYE payment advice
• Provide form P60
• Submit form P14 to HMRC
• Submit form P35 to HMRC
• Submit form CT600 to HMRC
• Provide corporation tax payment advice
• Produce and submit full company accounts to the Inland Revenue after your approval
• Produce and submit abbreviated company accounts to companies house after your approval
• Complete and submit annual return form 363 to companies house (we will require you to pay the £15 annual fee for companies house)
• Maintain company books of account (it is essential that we receive copies of all your business bank statements not less than monthly in order to accurately maintain your books as this is a legal requirement)
• Deal with HMRC and national statistics enquiries