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We are now fully registered with for your Data Protection--Please note our new phone number 01202 497 665 +++

To enable us to provide you with a prompt and efficient service we would recommend the following procedures:

  1. You notify us promptly when work is completed so that we can provide your client with an invoice and avoid delayed payment.
  2. You provide us with a completed expenses invoice and receipts where necessary so that we can accurately maintain your company records.
  3. You provide us with copies of all business bank statements not less than monthly so that we can accurately maintain your company records.(Statements downloaded from the internet and emailed to us are preferable).
  4. You promptly sign and return the full company accounts and abbreviated accounts which we will provide annually as these are statutory books and YOU will be liable for a fine if these are not submitted on time.
  5. Any mail that you receive for your company from HMRC or companies house that appears to contain access codes should be forwarded to us immediately so that we can submit statutory information as necessary.

We STRONGLY advise you to treat ONLY what is calculated as net income as accessible funds. With the exception of interest incurred ANY remaining balance in your company account belongs to the INLAND REVENUE not you.

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